DQFS founded by Jan Droogendijk in 2001 continues with the new identity Goodacre. Over the recent years, our business has developed considerably. Not only in terms of size but also with respect to technological advancement and services with an emphasis on research. Goodacre, – Postharvest Intelligence – represents the scope of four disciplines that include; quality control, cargo surveys, training and research.


Why Goodacre?

These days our team travels across the globe to carry out cargo surveys, visit clients, and evaluates packing operations. Once the plane starts to decent and you gain a better view of the ground below, it is a humbling experience to see acres of agricultural land, where farmers dedicate all their time and efforts in harmony with nature to provide consumers with the best possible product.

In 2012 we were the first to implement QC One, which has now become a vital system to our organization. We plan our inspections, report to our worldwide network of clients within moments after the completion of inspections, benchmark qc evaluations of our staff and target quality issues more effectively.

The interpretation of big data and client requests for problem solving and loss prevention led us to the development of new tools and instruments. Upcoming markets resulting in longer transit times, new varieties or packaging, re-evaluation of shelf life, customer experiences or outside influences. It triggered an interest to better understand the effects it has on fresh produce.

We should not forget a product's origin.

With an increasing demand, more stringent becoming produce quality specifications and changing business dynamics, it is Goodacre’s role to continue the development of new solution oriented services and tools.


Looking forward being of further service to you.

Jan Droogendijk

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